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Welcome to Australis Biological

Australis Biological Pty Ltd is an environmental consultancy and contracting company providing high quality services to managers of both public and private land. Managed and run by Dr Robin Adair, all work is overseen by experienced scientists with more than 30 years’ experience in ecological research and management.

Mature River Red Gum Forest Hattah

Mature River Red Gum Forest – Hattah

Australis Biological specialises in vegetation management, invasive species ecology and control, and restoration of native vegetation. We provide advice and assistance with policy and project design development and implementation.  We have a comprehensive range of research and survey services to meet the needs of biodiversity managers.

Invasive species are a ubiquitous threat to almost all natural asset areas and prevention, eradication or control are essential activities for biodiversity conservation.

Our ethic is to provide high quality, independent advice and service that is based on science, experience and sound judgement.

Our priority is to understand our client’s needs and deliver solutions that meet budgets and desired outcomes.

Our Mission

Heathy woodland at Anglesea

Heathy woodland – Anglesea

To provide ecological services that lead to the protection, enhancement or restoration of indigenous vegetation and habitats.

To provide our clients with advice that is of high quality, reliable and defensible in a friendly and interactive environment.

Contact us

Dr Robin Adair
Australis Biological Pty Ltd
PO Box 151
Bittern, Victoria 3918
Ph 0431576427
ABN: 30 464 924 818